About Keihin Corporation

Keihin Corporation Kabushiki Kaisha/Keihin Corp Co., Ltd./PT. Keihin Corp is a company that was established starting in 2007, with dedicated efforts from Mahmudi Fukumoto and the existing team. Finally, on 22-01-2008, Keihin Corporation Kabushiki Kaisha officially obtained a Business License in Kamata, Ota, Tokyo, Japan.

Our Story

In the beginning, this company operated in the construction sector in the Tokyo area and its surroundings. During that time, all of our employees were Japanese, except for Mahmudi Fukumoto who was the owner.

After the global crisis in 2011, Keihin Corp Co., Ltd. established a new business line in the field of Event Organizer (EO) and Entertainment with the brand “Keihin Tour.” With the Keihin Tour brand, we are often trusted to assist in both private and government work-related visits. We have also been involved in the production of several Indonesian films in Japan.

In 2012, Keihin Corp established an association called Keihin Network Solution, often referred to as Kensusei Network Solution (KNS). KNS aims to educate Kensusei/Intern Workers so that they can independently undergo training in Japan for 3 years. Our activities include organizing seminars for Business Matching between Investors who plan to invest in Indonesia, namely Intern Workers, and established business entities with stable business and management (franchise owners).