Keihin Corporation

Your Trusted Partner
for Success in Japan
and Indonesia

Keihin Corporation leverages its extensive network and expertise to
support your business ventures in both countries.


Building Bridges,
Connecting Futures​​

Keihin Corporation, established in 2007, has evolved from a construction company to a multifaceted organization fostering connections between Indonesia and Japan. We offer a diverse range of services, including event planning, media, skilled worker registration, and AI-powered HR solutions. Our mission is to empower businesses and individuals by bridging the gap between the two nations.


Services for Every
Stage of Your Journey

Keihin Corporation offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to bridge the gap between Indonesia and Japan. We support businesses and individuals with a variety of solutions.

Job application registration site for
Indonesian people in Japan

Indonesian specialty Japanese travel service
arrangement business

News portal site about Japan
specializing in Indonesia

Placement for Indonesian

Indonesian Human Resource
For Japan

Support organization for specified
skilled workers specializing in Indonesia.

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